What is Keato

We are introducing a big change on the High Street, a new café culture, for the carb-conscious crowd.

If you want to find healthier choices, or you’re concerned about diabetes or pre-diabetes, you’ll find our new approach to labelling and nutrition really helpful.

Our Mission


Discover freshly made food designed to reduce your blood sugar levels. All our food is low-carb, nutritional and no-nonsense ingredients. We make every effort to source our ingredients locally from farms using the healthier methods you expect.

You can sit and eat in the relaxed surroundings of our beautiful new café or pre-order online and collect in style. Pick up one of our lunch-on-the-go carry cases and enjoy at your convenience.
Safe food
Where can you find freshly prepared lunches and snacks that are delicious, fulfilling, packed with nutrients and incredibly low-carb? Only at Keato. Not only that, our smart labelling counts your daily intake, keep up-to-date by tapping your device on the big blue carb counter.
Conscientious values

We are all about the packaging. The less the better. We use compostable materials for take-away options, but best of all you can eliminate packaging altogether with our Keato carry case. Take away freshly prepared food to order, enjoy, and return. We supply a clean case with your next order. We just ask you to pay a returnable deposit. Our ‘replace’, ‘replenish’, ‘return’ philosophy helps everyone save the planet from wasteful packaging.

Not only do we offer safe low-carb food, we provide the support that goes with the low-carb lifestyle you want to lead. We welcome you to enjoy our comfortable lounge setting with private consultation rooms. Our dietitians, who use proven methods, can help you get started with individualised programmes for sugar withdrawal, weight-loss, and other health-concerns.
We’re here to support you
Membership includes online access to advice, recipes, carb-counting tips, and exclusive offers.

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